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Swinging with the King | oil on board with integrated artist frame | 2019

130cm x 130cm


*All paintings are made by creating and destroying the paint surface, over and over, for layers and layers, over weeks and months, in some cases years.

Some of the edges of the supports are taped during the process and removed when complete, however, occasionally paints spills over.


*For long term preservation, paintings can be framed to prevent any mechanical damage.


*All works are shipped wrapped in glassine, bubble, polysheeting and heavy duty cardboard or corri board.


*Free Shipping for Ireland & Northern Ireland.

*For Purchases outside of Ireland please contact us via email


*Delivery time, shipping, handling, and tax will vary depending on destination.*Ships within 11-14 days of full payment.


Please, do not hesitate to contact me, should you need any further information or images.

Swinging with the King

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